First They Came – A Blindfold Role-Playing Game

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An immersive role-playing game played blindfolded, guided by an interactive soundtrack.
The story of a group of fugitives in Berlin in 1942.

First They Came is designed for one-shot sessions lasting 2-3 hours for 3 to 5 players. It needs no game master or preparation. First They Came was born as a hybrid game between chamber larp and tabletop role-playing game. It is designed to be played blindfolded or in the dark to imitate the conditions in which the characters in the story find themselves.


First They Came is a role-playing game created by Chaos League, It is a game to be played face-to-face or online. It tells of the lives and desperate revolt of a group of undesirables according to the regime.

Designed with original mechanics and transmedia materials, First They Came is one of a kind. You play in the dark or blindfolded, guided by audio tracks that reproduce the different environments in which the story unfolds. It is an immersive, touching experience that will allow you to live a deep and human experience.



  • An accurate description of the 1942 Berlin setting with hints and insights into daily life, resistance to the regime and repression, with in-depth study of the characters and their legacies.
  • Five playable character types (which could become more if the stretch goals are achieved). Each character type is loosely based on a person who actually existed.
  • Custom-written flashback scenes that allow for in-depth exploration of the characters and their personal histories.
  • Personal documents to develop the characters (handouts). Each character has attached graphic documents that belong to them (letters, reports, photographs, notes, diary pages, etc.) with which you can define and personalize your background.
  • Thirteen different audio tracks (which could become more if the stretch goals are achieved) that provide the sound environments of Character Flashbacks, Attic Scenes, and Epilogues. Each track contains sounds, voices, and environments designed to integrate with the game smoothly and organically.
  • Guide on best practices to follow for playing in the dark and getting the most out of First They Came in terms of immersion and engagement.
  • Safety Guide. Tips and tools to safely manage the issues of First They Came during the game and to put everyone in a position to have fun in a positive way.