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Open Run

29th September – 1st October 2023


  • Standard 345€
    ot two 180€ installments
  • Sponsor450€
    Support the larp and help us offer subsized tickets
  • Subsized180€
    Or two 90€ installments. Available in limited number only for people who need it. If you would like to take advantage of it please contact us.


+ Participation in the larp.
+ Room and board for the duration of the event.
+ Transfer from Florence.


You can pay in one lump sum or in two installments (the second must be paid within two months of the start of the event).


The registration fee does not include the Chaos League membership fee (€10). You can do this directly at the event. This will give you the Opes membership card (valid until 31 December), which includes insurance. 


If you would like a refund we will transfer your ticket to a participant on the event waiting list. If we find a replacement you will be refunded the full amount. Learn more about Terms and Conditions.

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The Secrets We Keep
Run: 29th September - 1st October 2023 – Run #10 – The Secrets We Keep,
Ticket: Standard,
Payment: Instalment #1,
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The Secrets We Keep × 1

29th September - 1st October 2023 – Run #10 – The Secrets We Keep




Instalment #1

Subtotal 180,00 
Total 180,00 

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Guy-Roger Duvert

Verified Facebook Review

These guys know their stuff! Can absolutely recommend Chaos League. Pre-game and in-game support is top-level. The game (at least Sahara Expedition) is an experience you would not believe possible. Looking forward to playing more with them in the future.

Ansy Vic

Verified Facebook Review

I recommend jumping in without hesitation, I had a magical experience!
János Márkus

Verified Facebook Review

Chaos League’s games are finely crafted down to the smallest detail – you’re all but guaranteed an amazing experience.

János Márkus

Verified Facebook Review

An extraordinary experience, that will probably become a reference! I started with Chaos League with Sahara Expedition, and I’m already looking forward to my next adventure with them (which should be Miskatonic University). If you enjoy immersive and gorgeous larps, this is for you!

Tiana Hahn

Verified Facebook Review

I had a lovely experience with Chaos League during the Sahara Expedition Larp. I was fully immersed from start to finish and felt as if I was living a grand adventure. The attention to detail in the story was phenomenal and you could tell that the experience was crafted with love. Highly experience Chaos League after this Larp

Ürmössy Zsuzsanna

Verified Facebook Review

Incredible dedication and creative energies, heavy subjects treated with sensitivity and attention to players. If you want to have your mind blown, your heart torn in two and have great fun in the process, go play their larps!
Paola Iseppi Treccani

Verified Facebook Review

They make larp for all tastes, with special attention to the emotional side, attentive and knowledgeable organisers, always available. With them you have exciting experiences and they have the ability to make you feel at home and welcome as soon as you meet them. Absolutely recommended!
Serena Piccione

Verified Facebook Review

Great professionals. Playing a larp with the Chaos League is more than an experience, it is a milestone in a player’s life. You will talk about the emotions you experienced for months and remember the larp for a lifetime.
Great stories, magnificent design, ingenious metatechnics, splendid workshops, incredible locations and I could go on and on.
Marco Tamburrino

Verified Facebook Review

I started role-playing seriously with Chaos League, it was something magical. Over the years I have also tried other things, but every time I return to a Chaos event, I feel at home. The care Chaos puts into designing its events is manic and the results are always amazing. By now I have convinced myself that Chaos League larp is unique.
Lara Casapieri

Verified Facebook Review

A place where you feel at home ❤ delicacy, professionalism, creativity at the highest level. 
Paola Pao Tigrino

Verified Facebook Review

High-level role-playing games, expertly and sensitively conducted, with an openness to design experimentation and careful research into particular themes and settings.

Alessandro Romanzin

Verified Facebook Review

They are professionals in live-action role-playing: you never go wrong with them!