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How long do shipments take? 🚚

Clothing is made especially for you as soon as you place your order, so delivery can take some time (approx. 10 days). The super thing, though, is that making products on demand helps reduce overproduction and creates a more environmentally sustainable production model.

Some larp-related products are picked up directly at the event location and not shipped (it is specified in the product if we use this delivery method).

Digital products can be downloaded as soon as you place your order.

Average shipping time is approximately 10 days.

How do I find the right size for t-shirts? 📏

SIZE A (cm) B (cm)
XS 68.6 78.7 – 86.4
S 71.1 86.4 – 94.0
M 73.7 96.5 – 104.1
L 76.2 106.7 – 114.3
XL 78.7 116.8 – 124.5
2XL 81.3 127.0 – 134.6
3XL 83.8 137.2 – 144.8

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Returns 🚶

If you would like a refund we will transfer your ticket to a participant on the event waiting list. If we find a replacement you will be refunded. Learn more about Terms and Conditions.

Clothing is made especially for you as soon as you place your order, which is why returns are unfortunately not possible. If there is something wrong please contact us and we will do our best to fix it.

You can request a return within two months of the event for products that are not shipped but delivered to the location (it is specified in the product if we use this delivery method).

Return is possible. Shipping is charged to the customer.


  • Standard - 800€ (865$ approx.)
    or three installments: first one of 90€ (98$) and two others of 380€ (409$), total 850€ (915$)

  • Supporter - 930€ (1,000$ approx.)
    or three installments: first one of 90€ (98$) and two others of 420€ (451$), total 930€ (1,000$). This ticket help us give more community tickets.

  • Community - 450€ (500$ approx.) Limited availability
    See below to apply.

Ticket prices are shown in euro because our base is in Europe, but you can pay with your regular Credit Card or PayPal.


It will take place from the 13th to the 15th of June 2025 and we would be really happy to get as many people as possible to play. We hope to make it, it depends on how many people sign up, so the sooner you get on board the sooner we will know for sure. In case the run won’t happen you will be fully reimbursed.


Limited availability. How to apply for a Community Ticket:

  • Sign up by paying the first or full fee for a Standard Ticket.

  • Send an email to info@chaosleague.org requesting the Community ticket, remember it is for those in real need.

  • A few days after registration closes, a random draw will be made among all applicants of those who are eligible (the number is limited) and they will be notified by email.

  • If you do not get the reduced ticket, you can ask for a refund of the fee you have already paid or decide to keep the ticket as Standard Ticket.


  • Participation in the larp

  • Food for the duration of the event

  • Chaos League membership

  • Accommodation in single room


You can pay in one lump sum and get a discount or pay in installments. In any case, payment of the first installment secures your place.

  • 1st installment -> at the time of enrollment

  • 2nd installment -> by the end of October 2024

  • 3rd installment -> by the end of January 2025


The registration fee includes Chaos League membership worth € 10.

Guy-Roger Duvert

Recensione certificata Facebook

These guys know their stuff! Can absolutely recommend Chaos League. Pre-game and in-game support is top-level. The game (at least Sahara Expedition) is an experience you would not believe possible. Looking forward to playing more with them in the future.

Louise Ougier

Recensione certificata Facebook

An awesome team of talented, passionate and nice people. I definately had my best LARP experience at Miskatonic University (run #2). It’s immersive, well written, full of emotions and the safety is on point (especially for a Lovecraft inspired LARP). I would 100% recommand and trust them again for other LARP adventures!🥰

János Márkus

Recensione certificata Facebook

Chaos League’s games are finely crafted down to the smallest detail – you’re all but guaranteed an amazing experience.

Tiana Hahn

Recensione certificata Facebook

I had a lovely experience with Chaos League during the Sahara Expedition Larp. I was fully immersed from start to finish and felt as if I was living a grand adventure. The attention to detail in the story was phenomenal and you could tell that the experience was crafted with love. Highly experience Chaos League after this Larp

Ürmössy Zsuzsanna

Recensione certificata Facebook

Incredible dedication and creative energies, heavy subjects treated with sensitivity and attention to players. If you want to have your mind blown, your heart torn in two and have great fun in the process, go play their larps!

Ashley Perryman

Recensione certificata Facebook

Chaos League have created and designed some truly wonderful larps.
Adam Kreczmański

Recensione certificata Facebook

I higlhly reccomend Chaos League as a larp creators – there is a safe space, there is a support from the staff from start to the end. At no point I did not feel lost or left alone. Thank you for that great experience – I want more 😃

Serena Piccione

Recensione certificata Facebook

Incredibly well crafted Larps in all aspects.
Robin Gleeson

Recensione certificata Facebook

Professional larp organizers with a feeling for powerful settings and unique experience design.



Immersive Experiences

We create immersive experiences that transport people into fantastic worlds.

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C.F. 91410960370
P. IVA 03832421204

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