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A majestic larp Sci-Fi Drama production inspired by genre classics such as Interstellar and The Arrival that takes place in a space base reconstructed to the smallest detail.

Set in the near future Eclipse tells the story of a group of explorers on an alien planet who have a unique encounter that will change them forever and confront them with their fears, hopes and contradictions.


International Larp Festival – online

The International Larp Festival is a meeting point, a virtual space where you can experience the most exciting larps firsthand.


Sahara Expedition

A majestic larp production inspired by the Cthulhu Cycle that takes place in the most fascinating natural setting: the real Sahara Desert.

Set in 1934 and inspired by the Cthulhu Cycle, it tells the story of an expedition in search of the legendary city of Zerzura.


The Secrets We Keep

A band of orphaned children with a dark past meets again after many years. Buried secrets are unearthed as old wounds start bleeding once again.

What have you become?

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First They Came

An immersive role-playing game that is played blindfolded, guided by interactive sound tracks.

The story of a group of fugitives in the Berlin of 1942.