[ENG] Terms and conditions

This page covers the Chaos League APS terms and conditions for purchases made on chaosleague.org.
All products, services and events are sold under the terms and conditions below.


Registration for an event is considered valid only after the fee has been paid.

If you have chosen to pay the fee by bank transfer, you must notify info@chaosleague.org of the payment details by email.

On some events, payments in two or three instalments may be available, in which case the payment of the first instalment counts as registration.
Subsequent payments must be made according to the deadlines indicated. Non-payment of one or more instalments shall affect registration.
If the instalments are not paid after the deadline, the enrolment is considered null and void and the right to reimbursement is tacitly waived in the event of cancellation of one’s participation.


If for any reason you are unable to attend an event in which you are enrolledə, you will only be entitled to a refund of the registration fee (minus €25 for secretarial fees) when someone else takes your place.
You can either find a replacement yourselfə or wait for someone from our waiting list to fill the place you left vacant.
If you find a person yourself, he/she can reimburse you directly and we will simply receive his/her full name and email address. Or they can purchase the ticket in our shop and we will then reimburse you once we receive their payment.
If we fill your seat, we will notify you and refund you directly.
In any case, you must contact us at info@chaosleague.org to inform us of your cancellation.

In the event of cancellation or postponement of an event due to unforeseeable causes beyond our direct control and which make it impossible or otherwise excessively burdensome to hold the event during the period initially indicated, the ticket will NOT be refunded, but moved to the next available date set by the organising staff if possible.

Vexatious clauses:
1) Italian law shall apply to any dispute;
2) The competent and exclusive jurisdiction is the Court of Bologna


The Chaos League is a social promotion and non-profit organisation that must fulfil certain legal and statutory requirements.

When you register for an event (workshop, larp and others) through shop.chaosleague.org you agree to apply for membership of the Chaos League aps and become a member at the same time. Payment of the event registration fee includes a membership card worth €15 unless otherwise specified. The membership card is valid from 1 September of the current year until 31 August of the following year.

The OPES membership card also provides insurance in the event of accidents and permanent physical injuries sustained during the event.


If you join the larp, you accept our photo and video policy. At some events we have photographers and video operators documenting the game, briefings, workshops and debriefings. This means that you can appear in photos and/or videos. We will be respectful of your image, of course. Please note that we may use these images for promotion or other occasions without asking your permission again.


Visit our privacy policy for information on the data we collect.